Ravenscar cottages

Those of you who have heard of “the town that never was” will already know of Ravenscar. In Victorian England, there were great plans to develop the village to rival Scarborough and Whitby. Foundations were laid, roads built and sewers dug but all came to nought as the developers went bust. Some of the remains of this folly can still be seen today. What still exists is the wonderful view out to sea and up the coast to the village of Robin Hood's Bay. The four mile walk along the old railway line that used to connect Whitby with Scarborough, known locally as "The Cinder Track," to Robin Hood's Bay is spectacular for its views. Staying in one of our cottages in Ravenscar, there is plenty to do. Lots of tea rooms, quaint shops and ginnels leading to amazing properties will fill any day visit.

Back in Ravenscar, the Raven Hall Hotel provides food and drink and there is a golf course nearby. The village church contains the “Ingrid Flute Gallery” in memory of the founder of this company. In the summer you can hire “The History Detectives Tracker Pack” from the National Trust Visitor Centre. This pack is free and tells all about the history of the village as well as the rocks and wildlife.

Our Ravenscar cottages are within the North York Moors National Park so for a change of scenery, make sure you explore the wonderful heather landscapes whilst you are here. The forestry of Forge Valley is also within easy reach and is a great area for cycling and walking.

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