Richmond cottages

Some would say that beautiful Richmond is the jewel town in the crown of North Yorkshire. It has changed little over the years but provides tremendous choice in terms of pubs, restaurants and shopping. Add to that the gorgeous scenery and landscapes round about and you may believe that you have come very close to heaven. The name comes from riche-mont, meaning strong hill, where the castle was and the town grew around when founded by the Normans in 1071AD.

The massive keep remains and dominates the whole area around. Richmond was an important centre where royal charters were granted allowing the holding of markets and fairs. In the late 17th and 18th centuries, the prosperity of the town flourished as it became the centre of the local wool industry and the development of a lead mining industry. This is when most of the wonderful Georgian architecture appeared which can still be seen in many of the houses surrounding the cobbled market place.

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